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"Deep in the Darkness is a great horror novel, some of the best horror fiction I've read in awhile. Terrific!"
Douglas Clegg, author of The Hour Before Dark and The Infinite

"With Deep in the Darkness, Michael Laimo fulfills the promise so evident in his short stories; this novel is clever, suspenseful, touching, and, above all, compulsively readable. Laimo takes a plot straight out the Weird Tales heyday and gives it a modern and deeply affecting twist, resulting in one of the best and most refreshing horror novels you're likely to read this year."
Gary A. Braunbeck, author of In Silent Graves

"With Deep in the Darkness, Michael Laimo cuts right to the heart. His emotional honesty is rare and dangerous."
Scott Nicholson, author of The Harvest

"In Atmosphere, Michael Laimo mined fear through a layer of urban grit and decay. Now, with Deep in the Darkness, Laimo delivers claustrophobic horror in, of all places, the great outdoors. Seeking the peaceful country life, a city doctor and his family unwittingly relocate from the inner city to a rural nightmare, when they become the newest residents of a town held hostage by forces beyond their control or comprehension. As the Cayle family comes apart at the seams, Deep in the Darkness reads like a psychological descent into madness until the gripping conclusion."
Jack Passarella, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Wither's Rain

"Laimo is a delightfully twisted read. His work makes the dark scary and deliciously unforgettable."
Linda Addison, author of Animated Objects

"Michael Laimo's dark fiction creeps and cuts, calling as easily upon supernatural effects as psychological insights to disturb, startle, and just plain scare the living hell out of readers."
Gerard Houarner, author of The Beast That Was Max

"Michael Laimo has the goods. He is aware of his strengths and weaknesses, so can only get better."


Fires Rising

The church waits in darkness. It looks abandoned, forgotten. It has no congregation, but it is not empty. Under its floor, in a pit dug long ago, lies a wooden crate that was never meant to be unearthed. But the church is finally being renovated and workmen have found the pit. How could they realize what they have done? How could they know the forces they’ve unleashed?

Father Pilazzo is overseeing the renovation of the old church. His dream is to see it restored to its former glory. But his dream is becoming a nightmare. He’s begun to see horrific visions, unholy images of death and warnings of terrors to come. And within the church forgotten men fight to survive against impossible demons, while sides are drawn for the ultimate battle …

Dead Souls

When Johnny Petrie inherits an estate from a man he’s never heard of before, he knows he can finally escape the hell of living with his religious zealot mother and drunken father. He doesn’t realize that the hell he is moving into will be far, far worse. The previous owner was Benjamin Conroy, a man obsessed with securing eternal life for himself and his family—even if he had to kill them to do it. Conroy’s perverse ceremony of blood and butchery went hideously wrong, denying him and his family the immortality he sought. But with Johnny’s arrival, Conroy’s spirit has a second chance…

Leisure Paperback

Delirium Hardcover

The Demonologist

Is Bev Mathers going crazy? He's been hearing chilling voices in his head, seeing nightmarish visions that just can't be true. And it keeps getting worse and worse. No, unfortunately for Bev, he's completely sane. What's taking control of him is far more terrifying than insanity. And it has an unimaginable purpose...

Bev has become an innocent man in an infernal game, a victim of hellish forces beyond understanding. His visions of blood and dabauchery are growing more ghastly every day. Some of them — the most shocking — are real. Bev can feel his mind, his body, his very soul slipping away. Will his only hope or his eternal damnation come from... the demonologist?


Richard Sparke has no trouble sleeping. It's what he does after he falls asleep that gets him into alot of trouble. Throw in the nightmares, his dead mother coming to visit. And then his dead daughter, who was only an infant when she died. And the man in the black, who tries to murder him in his sleep. Soon the waking world falls prey to the nightmares, and the two worlds become very difficult to tell apart for a man who simply wants to live an ordinary life...if anyone will let him.

Cover by Alan M. Clark

1/250 Limited, Signed Hardcovers $50.00
ISBN 1-929653-64-6

Deep in the Darkness

Deep in the Darkness is based on the concept created in the Golden Eyes Trilogy, originally published by Flesh & Blood Press. Flesh & Blood Press published a limited edition hardcover of Deep in the Darkness with a run of only 200 copies and a cover by Alan M. Clark.

In January 2004, Leisure Books published the mass market paperback edition, which is still available in bookstores everywhere.

Dr. Michael Cayle wants the best for his wife and young daughter. That's why he moves the family from Manhattan to accept a private practice in the small New England town of Ashborough. Everything there seems so quaint and peaceful at first. But Ashborough is a town with secrets. Unimaginable secrets. Many of the townspeople are strangely nervous, and some speak quietly of legends that no sane person could believe. But what Michael discovers in the woods, drenched in blood, makes him wonder. Soon he will be forced to believe, when he learns the terrifying identity of the golden eyes that peer at him balefully from deep in the darkness.

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Published by Leisure Books in September 2002, and a Nominee for the Bram Stoker Award!

New York City police detective Frank Ballaro is returning home one night when he notices a trail of blood on the curb outside his apartment. It leads to an alley from which a naked man races in a frenzy. An oncoming cab ends the man's life, but not before he whispers a last, dying word - atmosphere! In the alley, Frank finds a second injured man who desperately clutches a bizarre object, which he guards with his life. Frank soon discovers the hideous meaning behind the word "atmosphere"...and the unspeakable terror that comes with it. He can only pray that it spares his life.

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"Michael Laimo, in my mind, is the Alpha Male in the pack of new horror/dark suspense writers."
P.D. Cacek, author of Canyons

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