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"I like Laimo's writing. He seems to be coming into his own stylistically, and I predict that in less than two years you will see his name more in the pro press than the small press."
Science Fiction Chronicle

"Michael Laimo is able to draw out the tension and suspense until it is almost unbearable."
Edo van Belkom, author of death Drives a Semi, and Writing Horror

"With Deep in the Darkness, Michael Laimo evokes a level of fear on par with Lovecraft and Machen. Creepy, atmospheric, and scary as hell — beware those golden eyes!"
Brian Keene, author of The Rising and City of the Dead


Michael Laimo has written the novels ATMOSPHERE, (nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in the category of ‘first novel’), DEEP IN THE DARKNESS (nominated for the Stoker in the ‘novel’ category), and THE DEMONOLOGIST, all of which were published in paperback by Leisure Books. He has also had a dark S/F-Suspense novel, SLEEPWALKER, published in Limited Edition hardcover by Delirium Books, and well as two short story collections, DEMONS, FREAKS, AND OTHER ABNORMALITIES, and DREGS OF SOCIETY. More recently, his short fiction has found its way into the pages of A WALK ON THE DARKSIDE, LOST ON THE DARKSIDE, HOT BLOOD XII: STRANGE BEDFELLOWS, SURREAL MAGAZINE, INHUMAN MAGAZINE, plus many more anthologies and magazines. His new novel, DEAD SOULS, was released in February 2007 in paperback from Leisure, and he is busy at work on another novel, entitled FIRES RISING.

Michael has recently found some success in optioning his work for film. His novel DEEP IN THE DARKNESS has been optioned by Burning Grounds Motion Entertainment, and is currently in pre-production. Plans are to begin shooting in the summer of 2007, for a 2008 release. A number of his short stories have been optioned as well.

His story ANXIETY was optioned by Burning Grounds and will be released as a feature in 2006/2007.

Michael can be contacted through his website at www.laimo.com, or through www.myspace.com/michaellaimo.