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Bravo! Loved Deep in the Darkness. I love the fact that you didn't cop out like so many authors do and have the, "it's going to be ok HOLLYWOOD ending!!!" You have a talent my friend. Horror isn't necessarily my genre with all the reading I do. That didn't matter one bit. I couldn't wait to get back to the book and I'm kind of bummed that I finished. Congrats on the early success of the novel.

Gregg "Opie" Hughes (from the Opie and Anthony Show!)

Dear Mr. Laimo,

I finished reading your novel Deep in the Darkness on Saturday. I had to write you and tell you that I LOVED the book. I hope I'm not breaking the boundaries of appropriate respect when I say that it really scared the hell out of me. And other than that, I really felt like I knew the characters and even cried at the ending. As a huge fan of Stephen King and having read almost everything he's had published, I've built up somewhat of an immunity to horror novels and not much can scare me any more. Deep in the Darkness did and I had to write you. I know you hear it all the time, but EXCELLENT JOB!!

Kelly Jones


I just finished your book Deep In The Darkness. One word for that... WOW! It sent shivers threw my spine. I was really amazed by how extremely detailed you were. This book really freaked me out. I'm going to try and read ALL of your other books, which I heard there's alot of them, so I better get started. Even if you don't email me back, I'll still keep reading your books. Keep making these horror stories, they are the best.

Your fan,

Dear Michael,

I just finished reading Deep in the Darkness less than five minutes ago, and I just had to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed reading my first horror novel. I read your book every morning while I sat on the train on my way in to work and sometimes I remembered the book and forgot my lunch. A wonderful novel. You are truly a talented writer. Thank you for the adventure and a truly new experience. I look forward to reading more books you've written.

Dear Michael,

I just read your novel, my first experience of you. What a great read! A dollop of King, a pinch of Poe and Lovecraft, and a delightful sprinkle of Levin and Wells! All blended in your distinctive, exciting style! What a fine meal for the imagination you serve up! I haven't been so entertained by a book since I read those timeless masters just referenced. Hope you become a prolific writer like SK!

Best regards,
Scott LeTourneau

Dear Michael,

I am 47, I read about 4 books a week, usually mystery or horror and bestsellers and this book, Deep in the Darkness, was really something special. I run across lots of books that are great and I say I will e-mail the author and tell them it was a good book and then I get busy and oh well! I just had to tell you this book was fantastic, the characters, the setting, everything. You would think this could never happen but the way you wrote it I just wonder if it did really happen. You are a fantastic writer, I can't wait to get Atmosphere. You are the best writer I have ever come across. I hope you become rich and famous, I know you will!

Your new fan,
Sue Forman


I finished Deep in the Darkness today--whew! It's an amazing novel; I loved it from beginning to end. The suspense and tension of the trapped protagonists, and the my growing frustration for their situation really engrossed me in the story, tugging at emotions from all angles. Not to mention the writing was just perfect.


Deep in the Darkness is wickedly stunning. I had a hard time putting your book down, even when nature called (I'm just not a bathroom reader, heh heh). You drew me into the story, hooking me right from the first part of the prologue clear to the very end. My God, I felt so much empathy for your main characters--you fleshed them out perfectly! And that plot, Holy Smoke Batman! Those Isolates! I don't creep out easily, but there were times when I had to close your novel and shudder, honestly!

Dear Mr. Laimo,

My name is James Michael Rice, I'm a resident of Bridgewater, MA., and the author of Rebel Angels, a coming-of-age thriller, which I recently self published. Just the other day, while making my bi-weekly stop at a local bookstore (in order to check my book sales), I happened upon a copy of Deep in the Darkness. For the most part, the book was a spontaneous buy; I was unable to resist it based on the fact that the story takes place in New England, particularly New Hampshire, which is my favorite summer retreat.

I devoured Deep in the Darkness in three nights or so, enthralled by the suddenness of the violence that occurs early on in the book, and also by the fact that the Isolates seemed so terrifyingly invincible... I just had to see whether or not our "hero", Michael, would prevail. As Mr. Cayle fell deeper and deeper into the deadly web of the Isolates, I felt as though I were right there with him, becoming more and more entangled in the conspiracy of Ashbourough. In case I've been beating around the proverbial bush too much... I found the book to be very enjoyable, a fast read, and, in the tradition of any good book, I was sad when it ended.



Coming soon from Bloodletting Press.


Within The Darkness, Golden Eyes

published by Flesh & Blood Press (1999)

"Within the Darkness, Golden Eyes is all a good horror story should be, because it has everything a good horror story should have. Laimo is able to draw out the tension and suspense until it is almost unbearable."
Edo van Belkom, Bram Stoker Award- Winning Author (From his introduction to Within the Darkness, Golden Eyes)

The Twilight Garden

Miranda-Jahya Publications (1998)


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Brett Savory, Chiaroscuro

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— Matt Hayes, Spicy Green Iguana

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Brian Keene, Masters of Terror

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"A quietly suspenseful and quite fascinating story of a doctor trapped into serving some odd-nonhuman patients. The story is reasonably complete unto itself, while setting up future installments and is a quality source of chills... check it out!"
— Jim Lee, Scavenger's Newsletter, on Within Darkness, Golden Eyes

"Sir Robert, The Princess, and The Dragon" , "To Be", "The Baby", "Sweet Dreams", "Growing Up with A Murderer" appeared in the Twilight Garden Chapbook Issue #3, Summer 1999

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